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the hardest part


“I’d give anything just to feel you on my skin,

But’s its not the right time, it’ll never be the right time,

Will it?”

the hardest part by nina nesbitt

Tangled hair

and salt

and the terrible silence.

just a song

“I’m so guilty of replaying moments in my head,

Again and again and again, love

I cannot forget.”

just a song by my fair fiend

nostalgia (again)

It’s terrible, but true -

Cigarette smoke reminds me of you.

- kimberley veart

urban portrait II

clarafreire1clarafreire2clara f photography

a moment

We sat on the bus,

Knees and elbows touch;

Breathing in time,

It was all, it was nothing.

It was ours, it was mine.

- elizabeth isak


by kimberley veart

It is clear;

The birds are hopelessly transparent.

no rest of the wicked

“If one heart can mend another

Only then can we begin…”

no rest for the wicked by lykke li


by kimberley veart


We used to try to write,

Words we couldn’t say.

Then we tried to type,

It’s the new old-fashioned way.

c’est presque magique

c'est presque magique by mary parker

c’est presque magique by mary parker


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