fractured reverie

an open notebook inspired by art, literature and the everyday

are we?

My dear – are we wearing each other in,

Or wearing each other out?

Comfortable in grooves of grumpiness,

And never speaking out.

can’t go back

“Some things you can’t go back to, because you let them slip away.”

can’t go back by rosi golan


If the oceans didn’t break us,

Nothing ever will;

If the airplanes didn’t take us,

We would find a way,

To walk on water.

master pretender


“i’d always thought that you’d be here…”

master pretender by first aid kit

little bird

Little bird in my hand,

I think we might understand each other.

We see eye-to-eye, even at the side;

You put out your neck, trying to connect

And your wings they flap trying to get out.

Oh little bird – we might understand each other.

– kimberley veart

“Things we had laughed at lovingly – for then, 

Ah even then we loved our memories…”

– Nancy Cunard, ‘Iris Of Memories’

merry go round

“and just like dust we’ll settle in this town…”

a beautiful cover of kacey musgraves’s ‘merry go round’ by alys

friendships, spun long ago in Paris

“But it is the private letters, both sent and received, that document the vital, tenacious web of friendships, spun long ago in Paris. These friendships, sparked by something so intangible as the promise of Paris at a particular moment in history, made it possible for them to create the cultural legacy they have left us.”

– Andrea Weiss, Paris Was A Woman

the hardest part


“I’d give anything just to feel you on my skin,

But’s its not the right time, it’ll never be the right time,

Will it?”

the hardest part by nina nesbitt

Tangled hair

and salt

and the terrible silence.


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